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Voidable transaction recoveries and set-off don’t mix

“There is no reason in logic or principle to exclude statutory debts from the compass of provisions such as s 553C” as quoted in Smith v Boné  (2015) FCA 319 (at 418) was relied upon in Stone v Melrose Cranes & Rigging Pty Ltd [2018] FCA 530 (at 282) although it appears to have its origins in Re ACN 007 537 … Read More...

What does the average failed company look like?


Insolvency Tidbits

Personal insolvencies drop 9.7% nationally in September 2018 quarter Personal insolvencies = bankruptcies, debt agreements & personal insolvency agreements Personal insolvencies dropped in all states except NSW (rise of 0.4% due to a rise in debt agreements). Bankruptcies fell in all states except … Read More...